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Madison Payroll Services WI

CM Business Services proudly offers you and your small business, several ways to handle your Madison payroll management system efficiently. Payroll management is as important to any business as its bookkeeping and accounting procedures.

It is also the prime responsibility of any business to report and remit payroll taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, WI Dept of Revenue, and the Division of Unemployment Insurance. At CM Business Services, Madison, Wisconsin, we provide complete payroll management solutions to your business. For effective solutions to all your Madison payroll issues, contact us now for a FREE one hour consultation on (608) 241-4526.

We offer the following payroll management services:

Computerized Payroll Processing

With our computerized payroll processing, you'll find the entire payroll system much simpler to handle than ever before. The payroll software enhances your business potential through accurate processing of salary and deductions.
  • We help you create an employee database, so generating and managing payroll processes become simplified
  • We handle all your Madison payroll transactions for you thereby saving you a lot of time and money

Form 941

Preparing and filing payroll tax returns is an important part of any payroll management system.
  • We fill in the employer information and the EIN on Form 941
  • We file the payroll tax return for you
  • We advise you on the required tax deposits in case the tax amount exceeds the permissive quarterly limit of $2500

Prepare Payroll Taxes

  • We calculate payroll taxes taking into account the employees deductions
  • We take care of all your W-2, 1099 and the consolidated W-3 forms, sending them to the SSA at the end of the year
  • We promise to file all your payroll tax returns in time, thus avoiding any penalty for late submission

Employee Records

Details of every employee of an organization need to be maintained in a systematic manner.
  • We maintain and update employee profiles
  • Employee information on W-9, I-9 and WT-4 are ensured
  • We undertake to keep the employees personal information confidential

Pay Checks

The advancements in technology have helped solve a multitude of payroll issues within any business, big or small. Pay schedules are run using the latest Quickbooks software. Multiple pay frequencies are also possible with Quickbooks.
We'll be able to give you maximum assistance with the following:
  • Process and print paychecks for your employees
  • Set up paychecks to be directly credited to their bank accounts for an extra fee
  • This will save you a considerable amount of time and labor

Benefits Of Madison Payroll

  • Accuracy in payroll calculations helps you save time and money
  • Penalties can be avoided as we submit all your payroll reports in time
  • You can avoid getting stressed due to payroll calculations and related worries
  • Efficient payroll management due to the use of the latest software
  • Gives you freedom to focus on your business growth
  • Courteous assistance
  • We work with you according to your requirements and convenience
  • Regular follow-up and support provided
  • You can save on a huge software investment
  • We keep your financial information confidential
  • We charge a very reasonable fee for all these services

Why Use CM Business Services For Your Madison Payroll Needs?

CM Business services is dedicated to helping small businesses like yours to succeed by working hand in hand with you. This way, you get more time and freedom to concentrate on your business growth while letting us handle the cumbersome Madison payroll management work of your company.

Call us today on (608) 241-4526 for a FREE one hour consultation to get an idea about our payroll services. You can also email us regarding any payroll enquireis you may have.